Sleeping Dragon

Minimum donation: £4.00

Artist: Andy Council
Title: Sleeping Dragon
File format: Adobe Photoshop


Files supplied as Photoshop file and flat JPEG

From the artist: I’ve supplied it as a Photoshop file with one layer of line work and another of colour. People could add their own version of the colours then if they want along with any additions/subtractions.


Born in the Georgian city of Bath, Andy Council now lives in nearby Bristol where he loves the creative vibe. His work is full of urban detail and he’s drawn everything from huge cutaway diagrams of cityscapes through to dinosaurs made from streets and houses. Drawing is at the heart of Andy’s work, which combines physical and digital imagery. His drawings are scanned in, and colour is added using a computer. Recently, he has begun exploring with more natural media – acrylics, inks and spray paint. Street art and graffiti are important influences for him. Most of Andy’s illustrations are architectural – landscapes, cities and maps. He has become well known for creating composite beasts made up of architectural landmarks and other recognisable elements. His work is dominated by lots of small elements that together to create a new form, or a scene with a story behind it. He’s like a modern day Giuseppe Arcimboldo.