Life on Hold

Minimum donation: £4.00

Artist: Yeye Weller
Title: Life on Hold
File format: Adobe Photoshop


Supplied as a layered PSD and flat JPEG

Yeye has taken the idea of our original Life On Hold cup of tea logo and given it his unique Yeye flavour. What are you going to do with this fun guy? Maybe it’s not tea he’s drinking? We’ll leave it up to to you.

Yeye Weller is an illustrator based in Munster, Germany. He loves soccer, rain and sarcasm – and has always wanted to draw like Caspar David Friedrich. Failing that, he settled on doing what he does best, combining “bad jokes with nice colours”. His cartoonish style of colourful illustration depicts a range of characters – some human, some animal and some numerical, but what they all have in common is a vibrant palette of almost garish hues guaranteed to catch the eye of onlookers. Upon entering the artist’s topsy turvy world, we’re confronted with a wealth of detail – a style of which seemingly knows no bounds.