Hold up… wait a minute!

Minimum donation: £4.00

Artist: Feek
Title: Hold up… wait a minute!
File format: Adobe Photoshop


Supplied as a layered PSD and flat JPEG

Bristol boy Feek has slapped us in the face with his bold urban creation. We love this graffiti style ghetto blaster but what are you listening to at the moment and how are you listening to it? Remix it and tell us your own story.

Feek is a Bristol based graffiti artist, character designer, sculptor and model maker. He’s worked extensively in stop frame animation, TV and film. He’s also part of Bristol’s ‘After School Klub’ (ASK) graffiti crew as well as designing skateboards and painting for the notorious Dean Lane Hardcore skateboard crew…. (Nothing Meaner than the Deaner!). For him, the graffiti scene is like a secret social club – it’s an honour to paint with different writers and different crews, to get to doodle on a big scale, and have a laugh at the same time. He says that there’s no secret to painting big, you’ve just got to draw. A LOT! He also strongly believes that “you can drink what you like, but the cup of tea always has the last word”. We couldn’t agree more!